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I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself as a mediator available to serve your future alternative dispute resolution needs. I am a conflict resolution specialist committed to meeting the time constraints of disputants, attorneys and their clients. The method of mediation I use facilitates communication amongst all parties exposing interests that so often block the development of relationships. When people feel like they truly have been heard settlement becomes simple. The key factor of this process is their participation in a non-adversarial environment. 

Private Fiduciary became a service offered in 2015.  The fiduciary services offered assist conservatorship, guardianship and trust matters under the jurisdiction of the probate court.  Fiduciary services can also assist parties who are engaged in the disolution of marriage process.  A fiduciary maintains business operations and assets that need to be preserved when lack of trust exists between the parties.

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I am a mediator based in Fresno, California.  I am an Academy of Family Mediators Advanced Practitioner Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, and serve on the Fresno County Superior Court’s ADR panel serving as a mediator and Court Settlement Officer.

My background is founded with a Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking at Fresno Pacific University. I was Director, FPU Mediation Services Civil & Probate Division, Superior Court, County of Fresno for 12 years.  I am an associate with the Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies mediation panel,  a Mediation Associate. I earned a BA in Rhetoric with an emphasis in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley (’77). I maintain continuing education with excessive hours of certified mediation training including hours from the California State Bar Association and the American Bar Association. I have been trained in construction dispute arbitration certified by the New Mexico Bar and as an employment mediator by the EEOC. I have twenty-eight years of experience in retail business ownership and real estate management. I am a Research Consultant and advanced mediation trainer for the Fresno County Superior Court. I consider myself a conflict resolution specialist.

I have educated and persuaded complainants and respondents to accept the opportunity to voluntarily mediate their conflicts.  Superior Court Civil Limited, Unlimited, and Probate (Guardianship, Conservatorship, Trust, Wills and Estates) are the case categories I served as lead mediator and Director of FPU Mediation Services in Fresno Court's jurisdiction.  Each party was assisted in developing their voice to efficiently participate in a constructive conflict resolution process. I mentored Master's candidate graduate assistants by contributing mediation experience through this program. The Fresno Pacific University contract with the Superior Court, County of Fresno, and personal work has provided me more than 1500 mediation experiences since 2003.

Not every conflict can be mediated but these are rare. Most cases resolve before trial and mediation presents you with the opportunity to resolve this matter through a cost effective process. Mediation can preserve relationships that can deteriorate through the long adversarial option of litigation.

Additionally, I train people in the art and science of constructive conflict management. My experience has been with Superior Courts, Judges, mediators, groups in business, finance, education and cross-cultural communities. This focus of early intervention helps the participants communicate more effectively to achieve greater goal satisfaction.

Mediation Fees:

  • Family, Civil Limited & Pre-Litigation = $500 First 2 Hours then, $200 per Hour
  • Civil Unlimited = $1,600 per Day - $850 per 1/2 Day
  • Elder Issue Family Conferencing -- $200 per Hour, Day/Evening Appointments Available
  • Audio Visual Teleconferencing Available

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