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Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary responsibilities help keep safe the Person and the Estate.  Talk with Donald, 559.905.4315 or donald@cvfiduciary.com, to discuss the use of a private fiduciary for your probate or family issue needs.


Donald is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary (PF-913) and a National Certified Guardian.  His association with Central Valley Fiduciary Services offers a team of dedicated professionals to assist with conservatorship, guardianship, and trust matters under the jurisdiction of the probate court.  


A conservator or trustee has legal status making the conservator responsible, via court appointment, to a protected person and/or the person's estate, and the trustee, via contract, responsible to the beneficiaries of a trust. In all cases, fiduciaries must show and document prudent use and protection of the assets they are managing.


The trustee who manages and invests the assets of a trust is subject to legal codes calling for prudence and consideration of the purposes, terms, distribution requirements, and other circumstances of the trust. Whether management of the portfolio is partially or completely delegated to an agent, the trustee is still obliged to use reasonable care and as such, must at least be familiar with standard practices and laws governing the proper management of the trust investment assets.


Fiduciary services can also assist parties who are engaged in the dissolution of marriage process.  A fiduciary maintains business operations and assets that need to be preserved when lack of trust exists between the parties.

Donald is proud to be associated with Central Valley Fiduciary Services.  For more information about CVFS, please click here.

Donald is a member of the Fresno Estate Planning Council.  See:  fresnoepc.org/members/member/117030

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DEFINITION of 'Fiduciary Certification'


The certification process to ensure that fiduciaries uphold the prudent investment guidelines and practices set forth by state regulations. A certified fiduciary needs to fulfill all legal requirements set forth by the designation and adhere to the best practices doctrine.




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